About Wilksch Aero

Wilksch Aero is a consulting and technology (IP) business run by Mark Wilksch.

The business is a VAT registered UK, Sole Trader and draws on the resources of several partners and associates.

Mark Wilksch founded Wilksch Airmotive Ltd in the UK in 1994 and assembled a small team who brought the "WAM-120" to the non-certificated aircraft market.  His concept, based on an inverted uni-flow scavenged two-stroke diesel remains the only light weight diesel aircraft engine flying in significant numbers.  The engine suffers no weight penalty by comparison with the established air-cooled Avgas fuelled engines; a good example is the RV9 installation which saves more than 60lbs relative to the Lycoming O-320.

In 2005 Mark reduced his equity stake in Wilksch Airmotive and handed control to an investor group consisting of Mike Newton, Patrick Head and John Murray.  Headed by Mike Newton, the Company continued to work on Indirect Injection (IDI) versions of the "WAM" engine while Mark Wilksch separately concentrated on Direct Injection (DI) concepts.  More recently, Mike Newton has announced a restructuring of the assets into a new corporate entity with revised ownership as part of Apple Tree Innovation Ltd.

In 2007/2008 Mark worked for Teledyne Continental Motors in the USA, delivering remarkable weight savings and other improvements to the venerable O-200 engine, an updating that allowed it to meet Cessna's requirements for the new 162 "Skycatcher" Light Sport aircraft.

Wilksch Aero concepts now being developed range from 100 to 400hp.   Two stroke solutions can be competitive across this whole power range and while four strokes can compete above about 300hp.   All of the solutions are aimed at certification for manned aviation.  Military applications will be secondary and dependent on specific customer demand.